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Digital Marketing Services

Are you a hard working, small business owner who excels at what you do?
Are you ready to grow and get more clients?
You deserve it.
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Web Build

First step in building your online presence is a website. Let’s build a beautiful website for your business. It looks more professional in a customer’s eyes. We take it a step further by building an optimized website (on-site optimization), so that Google can find you.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people don’t go past page 1 on Google search results. If you want frequent new customers to find you, SEO is necessary. Also, important to increase brand awareness. We have affordable customized packages that are customized for each client.

Lead Generation

Your main goal is to get leads! Let’s get calls coming in so your business expands. We will take care of the process and make it easy for you by sending you the clients directly without any middle man (say goodbye to HomeAdvisor).

Why PureJoy Solutions?

As a hard working small business, you deserve to expand and grow. We know why you are looking for a digital marketing agency. You want to find more customers and grow your brand and business. We keep that in mind with any of the internet marketing services that we provide. Your goal is our goal. You probably don’t care about clicks or views, as long as your calendar is booked. That’s why our mission is to have local customers find you, and get your phone ringing. So that you can have more leads.

We believe in supporting local businesses. (We specifically focus on local service businesses.) Located in White Plains NY (Westchester NY) but work with small businesses in all cities and states.

What Makes Us Different From Another Online Local Marketing Agency?

Because we care about you and your business, our mission is to exceed expectations.
Yes, while many other internet marketing agencies do the minimum, we overperform.

Many SEO companies will promise to rank your website for the main keyword like “industry + city” and charge you $xxx-xxxx just for that for 6 months to 1 year. If you’re working with another agency who is doing this, you may want to reconsider. It’s really the bare minimum. They don’t have interest in your long term goal and vision.

But here at PureJoy Solutions, we go above and beyond by doing extensive keyword research with a focus on ranking your website not just for the main keyword but for many other keywords that have a good search volume. We think outside the box and find all opportunities that many others miss.

Our web building service will produce a beautiful responsive website for your company. We even will complete on-site optimization for you, which many web designers do not because they are not well-versed in SEO.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Why Do I Need It?
Yes traditional marketing does work. However, it’s the 21st century so we need to adapt. Many people use the internet for almost everything. That’s why many businesses turned to digital marketing services.

Google is a search engine, which you most likely have used before. Did you know that there are 5.6 billion Google searches per day?

There is a reason why certain website pages are on the first page of a search result. Google wants to show the “best” website results to the user/searcher. There are multiple factors that go into this, which generally fall into two categories: onsite and offsite optimization.

Should I invest in SEO for my business?

When people perform a Google search, they look for their answer on page 1 or 2. I’m sure you do this too! Who goes to page 7 every time? I know I don’t and I can bet that you don’t either.

If you are not on page 1, that means someone else is. Another company, another website. This means searchers/potential customers are calling the other company’s phone number and looking at their website. Not yours. It’s only because they couldn’t find you. You are giving all potential new business to your competitors. They are the ones growing right now. Not you.

So let’s change this! Let’s team up and put an end to this. We will help you become more visible to new customers and clients by ranking your website to the top of the search, so that you can gain more clients.

Customers/clients are what keeps a business staying in business. We are the best digital marketing company in the area to help you achieve this. Call us for your free consultation.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Alyssa R

“I really enjoyed working with PureJoy Solutions. I am not super tech-savvy and she was so helpful and willing to answer all of my questions and walked me through how to do things on my site. She did a fantastic job and I can’t wait for my clients to see it.”

Dijana L

“PureJoy Solutions is the best online marketing agency to work with. I’m in Briarcliff Manor so I’m glad she’s local in Westchester county. She is a professional who takes her job seriously. She helped me build my business website. She is kind, hardworking, and multitalented. I highly recommend her. Two thumbs up 👍”

Mason P

“I highly recommend working with PJS! She has completely transformed my website and business. My business has definitely doubled since she started helping me with SEO! She’s very helpful and always answers all my questions very quickly. She’ll be a huge asset to your business!”

Ready To Grow?

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